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Leadership Impact 2019

Ocala, Fl


SAGE Leadership Summit 2018

Ocala, Fl


FYLC Leadership Essentials 2017

Ocala, Fl


FYLC Leadership Excellence 2016 Part #I

Ocala, Fl


FYLC 2015, Ocala

Ocala, Fl.


8 to Great - USF, Tampa

Tampa, Fl.



Public Speaking Series 


FLI -Chamber of Commerce

Ramallah - Palestine


Your Write to Find yourself

A Three-Part Writing Workshop


Palestine Chef 2013

Art of Middle Eastern Cooking!


Hello Energy!

Energy Boosting & Relaxation!


Professional Essentials ​​

Training the next generation professional and business essentials!

8 to Great!​

The powerful workshop covering everything you need to know about interacting with one another.

Leadership Influence 2018

Ocala, Fl


Orlando Virtuosity Summit 2018

Orlando, Fl



Ocala - 2016

AMP Conference



Palestine Chef 2015

Art of Middle Eastern Cooking Part III


AMP Conference 2014



Palestine Chef 2014

Art of Middle Eastern Cooking Part II


FYLC - Young Leaders Conference

Fakhoury Young Leaders Conference


Dynamic Communications

CANI Workshp - Constant And Never-ending Improvement


AMP Conference



Are YOU the Best YOU?!

Featuring Cath Rathbone!


Juicing Couture ​​

At FLI we're not just training healthier minds, but healthy bodies too!

Compassionate Listening ​​

​Did you know there is a difference between hearing and listening?

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